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Do you offer an installation service?Updated 9 months ago

At this time, we do not directly offer an installation service for our Growplay Monkey Bars. 

For our customers in Perth, we have a list of recommended installers below whose work quality we have verified and can confidently endorse.

For customers outside of Perth, while we don't have specific partnerships, we suggest finding a reliable monkey bar installer through various online platforms. You can often find skilled individuals or services by searching on Google, Airtasker, Facebook Marketplace, or similar platforms.

Please ensure that whoever you choose, they follow the installation instructions found online to ensure the safety and durability of the setup.

Perth – Isaac Offereins (The Basketball Man)

P: 0417 970 163

E[email protected]

Perth NOR – Ketan Jaiswal (Growplay Installation Services)

P: 0423 215 860

E: [email protected]

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