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Can I make additional payments?

No. It is only possible to automatically pay your scheduled monthly payments, or pay off the remaining amount in full.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If your automatic scheduled payment fails, PayPal will auto attempt again in 5 days, two more times – please ensure you have sufficient funds, and have the correct card linked in your PayPal account. If the payment is still unsuccessful, Growplay wil

How can I update my payment method?

You will need to update the primary payment method in you Paypal Account.

Do I need a PayPal account to use lay-buy?

Yes. The lay-buy payment plan is setup through PayPal and requires a PayPal account.

Can I check my remaining balance?

To determine your remaining balance, simply add up all the payments you've made so far and subtract this total from your initial order total.

Can I pay my lay-buy off early?

Yes, you can pay off the remaining balance of your layby to receive delivery sooner. If you wish to arrange this, please contact us.