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My tracking says 'delivered' but I haven't received itUpdated 7 months ago

We understand how concerning it might be to find that your order is marked as 'delivered' when you haven't received it. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few steps you can take:

Check Around Your Delivery Area: Sometimes, delivery drivers place packages in safe, hidden spots to prevent theft or exposure to weather conditions. Check your porch, behind bushes, your garage, or any area where the package might be placed.

Check with Neighbours: There's a possibility that the package was left with a neighbor. If it's convenient, please check with them to ensure they haven't received your package by mistake.

Contact the Courier: Sometimes packages are marked as delivered prematurely. Reach out to the courier service with your tracking number; they might provide more insights or resolve any errors.

Review the Confirmation Details: Double-check the address on your order confirmation. An incorrect or incomplete address can sometimes lead to delivery issues.

If you are in Tasmania: This is a common occurrence due to the handover process between courier companies. Deliveries to Tasmania are initially handled by our primary courier and then transferred to a local Tasmanian freight company for the final leg of the journey. This handover can sometimes trigger a 'delivered' status update prematurely.

If you've gone through these steps and still cannot locate your package, please contact us immediately. We take the security and timely delivery of your order seriously and will work with you to find a resolution, whether that involves tracking down the order, sending a replacement, or another satisfactory solution.

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